Jose Bautista vs The Toronto Subway

bautista subway

More messing with homerun data.  A companion piece to the graph below - this one will make most sense to anyone that takes the Bloor subway line in Toronto.

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Charting 5 Years of MLB homeruns

5 years of MLB Hr's

Found a whole bunch of homerun data.  It turned into this.  

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A Wimbledon Celebrations Infographic

Wimbledon Celebrations

I’ve noticed in recent years it has become more and more common that tennis players like to celebrate by collapsing to the ground.  Turns out it’s mostly just the men that have a hard time with their emotions.  Let’s try and keep it together next time gents.

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Fight For Your Right Revisited (infographic)

BB Infograph

After viewing the cameo heavy short film, it got me thinking, just how much money actually appears on screen?  

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